A tricky situation

No point in putting lipstick on a pig…or crying over spilt milk but I have not had the most illustrious of starts.

Since 30th October I have experienced referred pain in my shoulder and right arm due to trapped nerve in my vertebrae in my ribs and principally my neck. Although there was the potential for this to happen, it was precipitated by poor posture having being handed a used laptop for my daughter which was not functioning and trying to fix it on my lap whilst watching the rugby world cup finals side on…silly boy.

The sensitivity was extraordinary and quite debilitating to the extent that I was losing sleep, unable to concentrate on the study material (or indeed anything unfamiliar). I gained an extension of the first TMA but fell short of 80% to assist gaining the distinction I had hoped for.

I had hoped that I would improve but it has taken weeks and I am still not fully recovered and so far behind and ineffective in my ability to catch up. In fact today (29th December) I am reviewing Part 2 from the start as I lost my place a bit.

“There is no fiercer hell than the failure of a great ambition” (Barbellion).

And so it begins…to think anew and act anew

It’s nearing November 1st, the official start of my OU course TU812 Managing Systemic Change: inquiry, action and Interaction. A number of my student cohort are off and running and maybe that is wise given the first TMA is due mid November.

I’ve not been given to expressing myself in the ether however given the highly reflexive nature of this course, (stemming, it appears, from second order cybernetics and other systems traditions and other academic disciplines), it seems apt to put into words how my appreciation of systems thinking changes during this time.

And the title of this blog page…? That will have to wait for a later post.